Number 31!!!!

I challenged myself to make 31 comics in 31 days. I’m suuper tired, but I did it!!

31-31 Sadness 1.jpg
31-31 Sadness 2.jpg
31-31 Sadness 3.jpg

No. 29 " Conversation"

28-31 Agree 1.jpg
28-31 Agree 2.jpg
28-31 Agree 3.jpg
28-31 Agree 4.jpg
28-31 Agree 5.jpg
28-31 Agree 6.jpg
28-31 Agree 7.jpg

Woo, it’s the last day of my 31 Day Comics Challenge! I’ll be posting No. 30 on Patreon later today and the final comic some time tonight. Stay tuned! And thanks so much Patrons for keeping me fed during this marathon :B

July 31st Event!

SAW Ad.jpg

Hey Internet! Come hang out with me on the last day of my 31 Day Comics Challenge!! I’ll be live chatting with Tom Hart of Sequential Artists Workshop and answering your questions. Click here to sign up!