Jackie lives in a cozy apartment in Rochester, NY with various plush toys she uses to irritate her partner
Pat. She spends her time biking, meeting new people and personifying inanimate objects. Oh! And
creating a weekly diary comic. Jackie finds inspiration in her squishy fellow humans. Her comics veer
away from the grandiose, and focus on the trifling and trivial aspects of life. She is cheerful, playful, and
puts buck teeth and googly eyes on everything.

Artist Statement

I’ve never enjoyed drawing the human figure, but I’ve always loved humans. I love how silly and tired
and flawed and similar they are. When people read my comics, they see themselves in the round and
squishy watercolor characters. I authentically translate my real-life experiences into comic form, and my
readers share in them. I have learned to find material in myself, and explore the emotional as well as the
anecdotal. It’s hard to look in the mirror, but it’s easier when that mirror transforms me into a chubby
pink humanoid.